About Us

The birth of enduro in our region is so unique that we, the pioneers, did not see it only as a new racing format that will excite the trail riding community , we saw an opportunity to instil a set of values while the sport is still young. And as we are overwhelmed with the response of MTB enthusiasts today, we envision what could be the ideal scenario of our races in the next generations.

Our story

In 2015 , There was a strong interest in neighboring countries. In the early stages the local organizers were not yet ready for inter-country races until a highly motivated  Vietnamese invited me to come over and explore the possibility of holding an event in a province north of Hanoi.  No race has happened in Vietnam that time, but the idea of an Asian Series was conceived there.  In the middle of 2015 Shyam Limbu of Nepal expressed his team’s interest in hosting an Asian race. Almost at the same period, Jakarta’s Rifu Nugroho coordinated with Ronald Lumbao for a possible Indonesia-Philippines Enduro exchange.  Ronald Lumbao suggested a Trilogy, then finally decided to go for the more ambitious ASIAN ENDURO SERIES.  Today,  the growing team is joined by passionate and professional men from different corners of the globe

Our Mission:

1. Create a governing body that will regulate and standardize the rules of the new sport.

2. Develop local talents for international competitions.

3. Support  a country’s economy by Sports Tourism. 

4. Promote Enduro as gentleman’s sport in every corner of Asia.


Shyam Limbu, Director for Events

Florent Poilane, Director for Racing Development

Jason Pickett , Director for International Affairs


Learn more about our races, browse through the PDF version of our magazine.