Inspired by the enormous growth of the new racing format in the western hemisphere we decided to form a governing body in the eastern part of the globe. This will professionalize Enduro racing by the formulation of policies, guidelines, and rules in line with international standards.
The ENDURO NETWORK ASIA is a collaboration of seasoned MTB riders and proficient race organizers in Asia with these goals:
  1. 1. Standardize the rules and regulations of the enduro racing format in Asia.
  2. 2. Breed more Asian talents for international competitions.
  3. 3. Contribute to a country’s economy through sports tourism.
Gearing towards the goals, we have organized the ASIAN ENDURO SERIES

The series will be officially launched in 2016 with Nepal as the jump-starter race.

While the AES is the ultimate event, the standard rules will also apply to other Enduro tournaments organized by affiliated hosts or members.


Florent Poilane

Country Representative - Vietnam

A former Enduro/DH national rider in France before leaving 3 years ago to Vietnam to focus on new challenges. He spent 8 years riding multiple MTB event format in Europe and was among the first riders in the early stages of Enduro. His riding experiences include the Mass Start Megavalanche, Enduro Series, Team Enduro Racing, and Rally Enduro. After 2 years off, the passion caught Florent back and now use his wide experience to develop mountain bike activity in Vietnam through training camps, trails building and fun events. Now he is up for the big project: organizing the Asian Enduro Series-Vietnam.

Anuj Adhikary

Media & Marketing - Nepal

With specialization in brand promotion and media relations, Anuj brings technical and PR skills as the Co-Director of Gnarly. Further, keeping abreast with latest marketing trends and strategies, Anuj intends to mobilize his programming, photography and writing skills to make the NEPAL ENDURO an unprecedented success.

Gempur Suharto

Coordinator - Indonesia

Gempur  has been  to mountain biking since early nineties and worked part time as a mechanic in a local bike shop in upstate New York during summer high school.  He raced in regional cross country and four cross competitions.  Initiating the Yeti Tribe Indonesia in 2011,  Gempur managed grassroots racing for youths at the local pump track.   Also a co-founder of Street Dirt Project, he  has organized DJ and four cross events as well for Polygon.

Arief Nugroho

Representative - Indonesia

The cycling communities in Indonesia call him Rifu. He was a journalist for Ridebike Indonesia until the magazine demise in 2014. He is a versatile rider with some podium appearances in races across various genre including downhill, cross country, even fixed-gear alley cat and trackstand contest! With his experience and love for riding bikes, his involvement in The Enduro Network Asia will help push the Enduro racing format in Indonesia into the right direction.

Ione Baron-Mejia

Country Director - Philippines

Ione is a Certified Public Accountant but her passion is in MTB.  She is an active promoter of Enduro in the country and has helped organized the past 2 seasons of Pilipinas Series .  Ione writes for the Enduro Asia magazine.

Shyam Limbu

Country Director - Nepal

The former national downhill champion and Co-Director of Gnarly has directed several bike races in the past. He is also a trainer for young cyclists (Gnarly Squadron rides) in addition to being one of the most sought-after guides. With fluid knowledge of trails and sports management, Shyam brings vital talent to this event as the Race Director of NEPAL ENDURO in the AES 2016.

Sly Lumbao

Founder and Managing Director

The pioneer of Enduro Pilipinas, he has organized 23 Enduro races across the country since 2012. A visionary and a people person, Sly has successfully mentored race organizers in all corners of the Philippines. He is a member of EMBA- Enduro Mountain Bike Association . Sly is also a professional K9 Behaviorist and he rides with his trail dog Ruxy

From all of us at the EWS we wish all of the riders in Nepal a great race. It’s amazing to see and hear of enduro racers taking part in events around the world and we are stoked to hear of you all racing in the Asia Enduro Series on the 7th April. Remember to keep it fun out there, look after each other and enjoy the trails!

Director of Enduro World Series

Chris Ball

We are a proud partner of the Asian Enduro Series. Asia has a huge potential for enduro riding and racing but unfortunately is under the radar of most Western media. We believe in the success of the Asian Enduro Series and wish all the best to the international racers and race organizers to grow and share the love for enduro across Asia.

Director of Enduro Magazine

Max-Philip Schmitt